UAV Imagery - Coastal British Columbia - 2016

This is a dataset of UAV imagery collected and processed by the Hakai Institute. In 2016 unmanned aerial vehicles at the Hakai Institute covered a range of areas along the British Columbia Coast. Here we list the locations of our projects - further metadata on each of these locations is available upon request. The purpose of this record is to highlight areas of imagery that have been covered and aid researchers in locating available imagery. Restrictions on imagery distribution exist only in areas of cultural sensitivity. Imagery is typically provided in georeferenced TIFF format. RAW / JPEG images are also available. In some cases digital surface models have been created along with these imagery. Spatial resolutions vary from 1 cm to 12 cm depending on flight elevation. Please use the links section below to observe an interactive map detailing the locations of our imagery. Metadata attributes recording flight log and processing notes include: MOBE_ID (unique flight mission identification number), date, location, size of area covered (grid size), pilot, weather, project (subject), crew, tide (meters), UAV used, elevation flown, UAV application used for flight, # of flights conducted for the mission, total flight time (minutes), flight notes, file location, processing status, storage location, and processing notes.
Please contact for more information. UAV equipment for 2016: Phantom 2 and Phantom 3. All flights in 2016 have been conducted by Derek Heathfield, Luba Reshitnyk, Will McInnes, and Keith Holmes. Software for data processing: PIX4D, Autostitch, and ArcGIS. Locations covered in 2016: Quadra Island Region: Small Inlet Kanish Bay Waiatt Bay Octopus Islands South Quadra Island Tidal Reef Calvert Island Region: Meay Channel West Beach Choked Passage + North Beach Calvert Island Field Station West Beach Dunes + Numbered Beaches Focal watershed outlets for Calvert Island Watershed 626 tidal flats Central Coast Region: Stirling Island (West) Kildit Sound Kidney Island Triquet Island to Spitfire Island North Hunter Island Goose Island (South) Gosling Island Central Gosling Rocks Admiral Group Tribal Group Penrose Island (South) Haida Gwaii Region: Balcom Inlet Heater Harbour Kendrick Point Rose Inlet Louscoone Head Louscoone Bag Harbour Swan Bay Section Cove Ramsay Sedgwick Vancouver Island Region: Wizard Island Diana Island West Bamfield Grappler Inlet Kii7in Village and Fortress National Historic Site of Canada

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November 10, 2016 (Publication)
January 04, 2017 (Revision)
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Spatial Extent {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-131.850586385, 48.3124279041], [-123.940430135, 48.3124279041], [-123.940430135, 52.776185689], [-131.850586385, 52.776185689], [-131.850586385, 48.3124279041]]]}
North Bounding Latitude 52.776185688961704
South Bounding Latitude 48.31242790407177
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West Bounding Longitude -131.8505863845348
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