Helicopter Landing Sites - Calvert Island

This dataset denotes the helicopter landing sites near the Calvert Island field station. Three sites detail the coordinates and brief site description. Barge Ramp (primary site) - gravel ramp south of main dock, Crossroads (secondary site) - 30 m SW of solar panels, and Intertidal (emergency only) - intertidal bar south east of the facility. Can accommodate a much larger helicopter for emergencies only.

The following sites have been used to land helicopters in the past. Whenever possible it is best to notify and consult with the Hakai Institute prior to approaching the site and attempting to land a helicopter. The Hakai Institute and the author are not responsible for risks associated with the use of these sites.

Barge Ramp Along shoreline just south of main dock. This is the preferred site as it is always kept clear of obstructions. The only exception is when a barge is unloading, about once a month. The ramp itself measures 20 feet x 40 feet (~6.25m x 12m). A tree crown impinges slightly on the northwest corner. Decimal Degrees (GCS WGS 1984):

Latitude: 51.654221

Longitude: -128.130268

Road Junction West of the Main Lodge and east of the solar panels, at the junction of the four 'roads'. This is a second-choice site because it is within the active working area of the Institute (roads, trails, storage of equipment and supplies). There is an opening (between trees, buildings) of at least 64 feet (20m) diameter. Decimal Degrees (GCS WGS 1984):

Latitude: 51.654302

Longitude: -128.132273

Intertidal Zone Emergency landing only. Southeast of the institute on an intertidal gravel bar. The area suitable for much larger aircraft with clearance of >30 meters.
Decimal Degrees (GCS WGS 1984):

Latitude: 51.653816

Longitude: -128.128974

Date: December 9, 2015

Points have been created on a geographic information system by Keith Holmes in December, 2015. Imagery used was a georeferenced 2012 air photo and 2015 UAV imagery to verify locations and site conditions. The locations should be used as a guide only and the Hakai Institute is not responsible for individual helicopter operators actions. Please contact the facility on marine channel 06 prior to landing.

Attributes: Site_Name: Site name or common location name for the landing site.

Site_Descr: Site description provides general details for clearance and conditions at the landing zone.

Latitude: Latitude or y axis location information provided in decimal degrees.

Longitude: Longitude or x axis location information provided in decimal degrees.

Purpose: Main purpose of the landing site - primary / secondary / emergency.

Access and Use

Licence: Appropriate credit must be given to Hakai Institute and the authors of the dataset.

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