Kelp Field Data for Remote Sensing - BC Central Coast

Kelp Field Data for Remote Sensing - BC Central Coast - July 2014.

Ground truthing of kelp in areas along the Central Coast of British Columbia consists of collecting spatial data on kelp in order to match remote sensing information with what is observed in the field. Data collection was conducted in areas where WorldView-2 satellite coverage was planned from Calvert Island to McMullin Group. Data consists of point SHP file with field photos and species / density metrics. Field equipment: A 2 x 2 meter quadrant was used in a variety of kelp beds in order to be representative of kelp beds observed on the central coast. A 2 meter quadrant was chosen because the WorldView-2 satellite data resolution is produced at 2 meters (multispectral). Topcon GR5 survey grade GPS was used to collect spatial data. A DGPS mode was used to collect data soaking for 5-10 seconds providing < 10 cm X / Y accuracy.

Field work conducted by Keith Holmes and Luba Reshitnyk on July 9th to 13th 2014 on the research vessel "Hakai Blue"

The main goal of this information is to match up field data with remote sensing satellite imagery to accurately classify the extent / species / and densities of kelp. The information will be valuable in identifying spectral signatures to differentiate species in remote sensing platforms such as ecognition.

Attributes: Name: unique id for the waypoint. Random generation created after the date. Elevation: elevation of the waypoint. DGPS fix so it is not accurate. Always assume sea level. Timestamp: month/day/year - 24 hour clock. Created in the topcon GR5 through global mapper software. FIX_Type: Either 3D Fix (lower accuracy) or 3D Differential Fix (higher accuracy). Kelp_Quad3: code name for the general location of the data point. Kelp_Qua_4: Species. Either Macro or Nereo (Giant / Bull) or Mixed. Kelp_Qua_5: Estimate of % kelp canopy cover falling within the 2 x 2 meter quadrant. Kelp_Qua_8: Field notes from data capture.

Hakai Institute: Keith Holmes and Luba Reshitnyk.

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Licence: Appropriate credit must be given to Hakai Institute and the authors of the dataset.

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