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ERDDAP's "files" system lets you browse a virtual file system and download source data files.
WARNING! The dataset's metadata and variable names in these source files may be different than elsewhere in ERDDAP! You might prefer using the dataset's Data Access Form instead. ("files" documentation, including "How can I work with these files?")
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[DIR]HakaiADCPTimeSeriesProfileProvisional/--Hakai Institute British Columbia Central Coast Fixed Platform Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Time Series Provisional
[DIR]HakaiCalvertCP1TideGauge/--Water Level measured from a Pressure Tide Gauge Instrument Deployed in Choke Pass on Calvert Island Research
[DIR]HakaiColumbiaFerryResearch/--Underway Surface Seawater and Marine Boundary Layer Observations Made from the Alaska Marine Highway System M/V Columbia
[DIR]HakaiKCBuoyResearch/--Surface seawater and marine boundary layer CO2 observations made from the Kwakshua Channel (KC) Buoy on the central coast of British Columbia
[DIR]HakaiKetchikanBoLResearch/--High-resolution record of surface seawater CO2 content from the OceansAlaska Shellfish Hatchery in Ketchikan, Alaska, USA
[DIR]HakaiMooredTimeSeriesResearch/--Hakai Mooring Water Properties Timeseries Research
[DIR]HakaiQuadraBoLResearch/--High-Resolution Record of Surface Seawater Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Content Collected from Hakai Institute Quadra Island Field Station in Hyacinthe Bay, British Columbia, Canada
[DIR]HakaiSitkaBoLResearch/--High-resolution record of surface seawater carbon dioxide (CO2) content, water temperature, sea surface salinity and other parameters collected in Sitka Harbor, Alaska, USA
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