Ecosystem Comparison Plots - Calvert Island


Locations of Ecosystem Comparison (ECP) plots used by the Hakai Institute on Calvert and Hecate Islands. Each plot is 20 m x 20 m, oriented with two sides following the slope. Plot locations were selected to be representative of terrestrial ecosystem units recognized in the BC Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification system. Plot center is generally marked with a PVC post and blue flagging tape at plot center. The attribute table summarizes for each plot what data types are available and what research projects that have utilized the plot. Foundational data for each plot includes a FS882 form for Site, Soil and Vegetation description, completed using the BC standard Field Manual for Describing Terrestrial Ecosystems 2nd Edition (2010). Soil samples were collected using an auger in most plots and sent to North Road Analytical Lab (NRAL) for analysis. Ecological Terrestrial Laser Scanning (ETLS) has been conducted in a subset of plots. Similarly, a subset of plots have been used for microbiological sampling, the BIOMES project, water tables wells and a dendroecology project. Versioning The attribute data included here were extracted from the master dataset on November 7, 2015 reflecting three new plots established in 2015, as well as minor modifications to content from the March 18, 2015 version. Fields Defined ECP ID = Unique ID for the ECP plot. WTS = Watershed ID number. Site S_a = Site series number, within the CWHvh2 subzone of the BC Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification system. HI_type_gn = An ecosystem label that is a more generalized HBI_type, lumping deep peatlands regardless of basin vs. slope/blanket status and lumping zonal forests regardless of valley bottom vs. hillslope status. HI_type_sp = An ecosystem label that is a more specific HBI_type, differentiating deep peatlands as basin vs. slope/blanket and differentiating zonal forests by valley bottom vs. hillslope. Surveyor = Names of people involved in initial plot establishment surveys. Photos = Link to plot establishment photos. HI info = "Y" indicates that Hakai Institute plot establishment metadata were collected. Site = "Y" indicates that an FS882 Site form was completed. Soil = "Y" indicates that an FS882 Soil form was completed. Veg = "Y" indicates that an FS882 Vegetation form was completed. Mens = "Y" indicates that an FS882 Mensuration form was completed. NRAL = "Y" indicates that soil samples were collected and analyzed for a basic suite of biogeochemical and physical parameters, such as organic matter content, mineral size fractions, content of carbon and nutrients, etc. ETLS = "Y" indicates that Terrestrial Laser Scanning was completed. MBio2013 = "Y" indicates that samples were collected for the soil microbial ecology project in 2013. MBio2014 = "Y" indicates that samples were collected for the soil microbial ecology project in 2014. BIOMES = "Y" indicates that the plot has sensors and is used in the BIOgeochemistry and Microbial Ecology of Soils project. WTW = "Y" indicates that the plot has Water Table Wells. Dendro14 = "Y" indicates that the plot was used in the 2014 Dendroecology study. Latitude = coordinate location (y axis) Longitude = coordinate location (x axis) BeginTime= time stamp for the GPS field recording. Year - Month - Day - time (24 hour clock PST) Credits: Ian Giesbrecht, Allen Banner, Kira Hoffman, Paul Sanborn, Sari Saunders and Andy MacKinnon. Many ecologists have been involved in establishing and studying the ECP plots on Calvert and Hecate Islands. Please see the Surveyor field in the dataset for full details. Institutional credits: Hakai Institute, Banner Consulting, BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. Please contact for more information on the ECP plot network and participating researchers.

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