Geology - Calvert Island

This geology dataset for Calvert Island has been clipped from the "BC Digital Geology" database, which is the province wide, seamless coverage of bedrock geology, consisting of integrated geological maps from field surveys and mapping projects for the entire province. Specific metadata can be found in this zipped documentation link.

Attribute data legend:

Area – square meters Perimeter – meters Keycode – geologic unit code Era - time dating the rock. Examples - Mesozoic / Paleozoic Period - time category for dating rock Rock type - what the rock is made up of. Example - quartz / metamorphic / etc. Rock Class - Intrusive or Metamorphic rock. ORIGINAL_D - Detailed geologic classification of the bedrock type. AGE_MAX_TE - Maximum age the bedrock was formed. AGE_MIN_TE - Minimum age the bedrock was formed AGE_MAX_NU - Max age (shown in millions of years) AGE_MIN_NU - Minimum age (shown in millions of years) PROJECT - Central Coast Project AGEGROUP - General age (mean age in millions of years) and geologic type classification grouped into one category. UNIT - Geologic classification. More detailed with time period and type. TERRANE - Terrain type. Examples: Post Accretionary / Wrangellia / etc. Larger geologic groupings to continental systems. For further information regarding geologic information sourced from the British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines, visit their site.

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Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Limitations: Appropriate credit must be given to Hakai Institute and the authors of the dataset.

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March 02, 2022 (Revision)
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Spatial Extent [[[-128.2489013671875, 51.402632657661314], [-127.8204345703125, 51.402632657661314], [-127.8204345703125, 51.7644403180351], [-128.2489013671875, 51.7644403180351], [-128.2489013671875, 51.402632657661314]]]
North Bounding Latitude 51.7644403180351
South Bounding Latitude 51.402632657661314
East Bounding Longitude -127.8204345703125
West Bounding Longitude -128.2489013671875
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